Saturday, 6 July 2013

Exploring the Theory that Time does not Exist

Life is made of time. In that sense there is nothing more important for human beings than time. It is also that one frontier that still eludes our understanding. Having control over time is still a dream. But then, is time actually real and does it exists? Or is just another illusion in our lives ... like life itself ?

Time – A Phenomenon in Relativity
Time is the essence of relativity. It exists because of relative changes in mass and energy.

Imagine tha the time has stopped. All you can visualize is that nothing moves. Everything becomes static. If you are conceptualizing a scene in a science fiction movie, you will want to show the stopping of time as a fixed scene where nothing moves - absolutely nothing. It is not just the people who have stopped, everything has stopped, the Sun, the Earth on its axis, our galaxy in its orbital path, every mass in nature, even the rays of light should have stopped, even the electrons in their orbits should not move. Everything is absolutely still. If there is no movement, there is no time.
If time is just a reflection of relative movement of objects of mass and energy and nothing else, then does time exist as an entity?
As True as the Darkness
No, the existence of time is as true as the existence of darkness. Both are nothing but a reflection of something else. in case of darkness, it is light. In case of time, it is relative movement, which itself is a measure of space.
But do we fully understand space?
I would say no. One could also think of space as a measure of time taken by mass for its movement from one point to another. If light moves from point A to point B in x time, the space between point those two points must be y. This assumes that movement is an entity, and the speed of that movement is fixed.
Then do we understand movement?
Movement is nothing but the change of space coordinates of a point of energy or mass at different points of time. So movement is nothing but a reflection of time and energy/mass.
Just Like Many Other Dimensions
Each of these basic dimensions is a reflection of the other, and in that sense none of them actually exist.
Time, space and energy all form a continuum which is not separable from each other. Our understanding of each of these is dependent upon our understanding and perception of the other two. Remember, it was not long back that we first realized that energy and mass are actually the same entity. Space and time may also be the same, though we are not yet able to conceptualize and prove it in a logical manner.
The big bang theory demonstrates this universe as nothing but a state of interconversion of mass and energy. Space and time may be just a reflection of this interconversion.


  1. Clearly.Imagine that solid in-reflecting ball,now imagine that ball is getting bigger,bigger and ist bigger than our planet,you see already molekules and atoms,some structure how this ball is made,if that ball is as our space,molecules and atoms are galaxis and stars.Now imagine again that small ball and move in that ball from one space to another and now go to ball scale as universe and you actualy moved 10000 galaxies away.So is not actualy 100000000mil.light years but almost instant.So space bnd time we can easily solve.Now space and time are actualy not existing during that travel or very again if you solve how to move item in solid in reflecting mirror,where every kvark,atom.molecule is reflecting everywhere,and looks like its like one solid inner mirror ,is not because if you enlarge it to universe scale its pretty predictable.To not get lost during travel because of chaotic reflections,needs to be solved problem how to move something to somewhere predictably in that small ball.Maybe I can do math for that I dont know.In the morning I didnt know what I can do if the puestion is tasked
    Im just wondering if we can create 3D mirror ball,where is reflecting everything from everything in everywhere(working in the dark will be better,if we will be able move object in it we can move in time,space etc.,ball but not hollow but full in inside

  2. Ultrasonic signal transfer (not exactly time travel ,but from one place to another is good)

    Do it bigger