Monday, 31 December 2012

2012: A Year that got us Nowhere

2012 promised a lot after 2011. Compared to the expectations that one had 365 days ago, the year looks rather laid back and seemingly directionless … till, of course, we consider the finer details and begin to read between the lines …

2012 began on a very high note of expectations in the wake all the public protests that had erupted and virtually threatened to change the world in 2011. There were unprecedented protests in the Middle East that upset the long running apple cart of many a dictators
and brought hope that this most volatile place of our planet will finally settle down under the humane influence of democracy. There were protests throughout the year in Europe, which seemed to promise that better days will come soon and when there were protests even in the heart of the capitalist universe, where people joined together to “occupy” the most famous street on the planet, many thought that the revolution was only a whisker away from humanity. Finally, there were protests brewing in the two largest oceans of humanity, China and India, where chaotic waves of people’s protests appeared to have caused a serious scare among the all powerful politicians.

But then came 2012, and after a patient wait for just over 365 days, it passed without any fuss, leaving the world literally where it always has been – nowhere!

It is not that the public totally stopped protesting. They did, once in a while, at least. The problem, really, was that they stopped taking their own protests seriously, as it all begin to feel a boring ritual saturated with a heavy sense of déjà vu. The politicians took a sigh of relief. The neocrats got a chance to establish themselves and ones that had survived 2011 continued to fight and block newcomers, even while their Civil War turned into an endless tale of senseless violence.

It is not that 2012 was unimportant. It certainly wasn’t. In fact, in the longer run, it may turn out to be a far more significant year in the world history that 2011. There were a number of subtle events that suggest drastic changes in the long term trajectories of global politicking. There were new friends, new foes and new powers, but pleasantly, there were a few silent revolutions too, if Myanmar and Facebook are any examples.

World does not change in a day … or even a year … but there is always a beginning to the end. 2012 got us nowhere, but maybe the events of 2012 will take us somewhere …. Some day !

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